Counterfeiting is a Global Problem

The illegal trade of counterfeit generators is endangering the reputation and financial success of generating set manufacturers.

Counterfeiting is a wide-ranging crime which typically includes the practice of manufacturing goods, often of inferior quality, and selling them under a brand name without the owner's authorisation. Companies invest significant amounts of time, money and effort developing their products to ensure they perform well, meet strict safety regulations and are made of quality materials. This is all absent in illegal, counterfeit and imitation products.

$1.75 trillion

The counterfeit goods industry has grown significantly over the last decade and the International Chamber of Commerce projects growth to $1.75 trillion by 2015.


Counterfeit goods make up between 5 - 7% of world trade, worth an estimated $600 billion a year, according to World Customs Organization.

The Problem with Counterfeit Generators


We're Cracking Down on Counterfeit Production

How to check your STAMFORD is genuine




The unique 3D hologram, it's your quality assurance mark.


Check generator authenticity instantly online.

Since 2012, all genuine STAMFORD generators have a unique high security 3D hologram
affixed to the machine, which gives visual confirmation of authenticity plus a unique
hologram identity number that when keyed into the secure website, gives instant
verification of the generator's identity.
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If you suspect counterfeit usage

call +44 (0) 1780 484 732 or email

Learn how Cummins Generator Technologies
is protecting its customers
from the dangers of counterfeiting

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