One STAMFORD®, One Standard

Proven processes in design, development & manufacturing guarantee quality.

We work to One Global Standard, so each of our manufacturing plants build STAMFORD generators to the same exacting quality that has come to distinguish our generators in the industry.

Our QA testing of every part & process allows us to guarantee the performance and quality of every product we build.

STAMFORD products deliver world-class quality, proven dependability, outstanding ROI and industry leading performance.

Global Service Customer Support

End-to-end customer service and support
ensures quality for your business.

Customer Support from Cummins Generator Technologies is more than just generators.
It's thousands of certified service technicians, trained and equipped with the latest diagnostic
and repair tools. It's distribution centres, dedicated personnel and service trucks
delivering the highest-quality parts - Genuine STAMFORD.

The most comprehensive service network in the world.

Our Heritage